January 16, 2019

Expansion trend is a major focus on the office market in Sofia

The uptake of new areas within the current location is setting a trend on the office market in Sofia in 2019. Leading companies, mostly from IT and BPO sector, are expanding their office space to boost employee productivity while improving work environment.

The statement is based on Lion’s Head Investments market research. The investment company is focused on prime office space projects with international blue chip tenants in Bulgaria, Romania and other countries in South-Eastern Europe. At present, Lion’s Head Investments manages 5 buildings with nearly 235,000 square meters of prime office space in Sofia and Bucharest.

Sergey Koynov, CEO of Lion’s Head:
“Few years ago the increase of office space represented tenants’ business and employment growth. Today, we observe the endeavour of major companies and long-term tenants to provide exceptional workplace to their employees. The working space is transforming to a level far beyond the standard office. It is getting closer to people. We at Lion’s Head, as an owner of prime office buildings, strive to provide this in common areas as well.”

According to Lion’s Head market research, Bulgarian employees have an average workspace at around 10 sq. m. Currently, the trend is changing and office space per employee is increasing. The overall office environment is also changing. Various and diverse recreation areas are planned in order to improve employee comfort and productivity.

Sergey Koynov, CEO of Lion’s Head:
“Expansion options are important for our tenants and we are flexible to provide opportunities and space for development.“
The average usable office space at Polygraphia Office Center is around 12 sqm per person. The business complex is fully leased out. The expansion of Bosch Software Innovations is among the key deals at the office center. The software company leased additional space to its existing office. So far, Bosch Software Innovations are situated on three floors at Polygraphia with a total area of 4,830 sqm., and by the end of 2019 another 869 sqm will be added.

Sinisha Djukic, General Manager at Bosch Software Innovations:
“Bosch Software Innovations expansion at Polygraphia Office Center aims to provide more space for 50 new job positions along with modern and functional areas for its employees. For us it is extremely important not only the office’s design but its comfort and the workspace per person which is much higher than average.”

The company’s office presents bright open spaces and stylish concept. Some aspects of the office design and functionality are created by our own employees. There are multiple conference halls with different size and style, focus rooms, a diverse set of recreation facilities, and a game room as well.

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